Our rates start as low as 9.95% for qualifying customers. This information may change from time to time. The following are factors considered when determining the actual annual interest rate that will apply to each loan:

  • Use of the vehicle
  • The age and type of vehicle
  • The term and amount of the loan
  • The complexity of the loan application
  • Your credit history
  • Your asset position
  • Your income and outgoings


With so much change across the Financial Services sector in recent years, it is important to know that your finance providers operate within the latest legislative framework. Bespoke Financing Limited (trading as Bespoke Money) is listed on the Financial Service Providers Register, and is a member of a Dispute Resolution Scheme.

FSPR number: 545866

DRS number: 2001815

We work strictly within the confines of the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003 (CCCFA)

The CCCFA helps protect consumers when they’re borrowing money. It helps ensure consumers can make informed choices, know what they’re agreeing to, and can keep track of their debts.

The CCCFA covers a range of transactions where money is loaned for personal use, including consumer credit contracts, consumer leases and buy-back transactions.

A consumer credit contract is a contract where a borrower is given credit for personal use, such as through a mortgage, credit card, arranged overdraft, personal or cash loan, or pawnbroking pledge.

A consumer lease is a lease contract where someone is leasing goods for personal use and either has an option to purchase the leased goods, or the term of the lease is over one year.

A buy-back transaction is where a homeowner transfers their home (or an interest in their home) to a transferee, who typically pays their debts or gives them money. The former homeowner (the occupier) has the right to continue living in the home and to buy it back at some time in the future.

The CCCFA covers all other credit transactions, including business transactions, by protecting borrowers from oppressive behaviour by lenders.

Please see the following attachments outlining important regulation of our industry and the products that we offer:

Code of Responsible Borrowing:

Responsible Lending Guidelines:

Anti-Money Laundering, Counter & Financing of Terrorism Act 2009:

FSF’s Responsible Credit-Related Insurance Code:

Finance Partner Related Information:

MARAC Consumer Fee Schedule

MARAC Loan and Security Terms

Avanti Schedule of Fees and Charges

Avanti Terms and Conditions

UDC Fee schedule 2016

UDC Terms and Conditions

Oxford Finance Terms and Conditions

Oxford Finance Schedule of Fees and Charges

Geneva Finance Contract Terms and Conditions

Geneva Finance Schedule of Fees and Charges

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