Finance packages AucklandAt Bespoke Money, we offer our customers the best financial packages for the purchase or lease of any asset, business premises, equipment, machinery, company vehicles, personal motor vehicles, perhaps a boat or even a motor home.

Whatever you are looking to acquire, speak with us, we act on behalf of our clients to ensure that they receive the best financial packages available, any type of finance whether it’s hire purchase, finance lease or operating lease.

This service enables our busy customers to have all of their requirements met by Bespoke Money, helping to give them a hassle-free experience so they can get on with their everyday business.


Below are the various financing options available and their benefits to the customer or business.

A Hire Purchase Agreement has been and still is, one of the most effective ways for private individuals and companies to finance a new or used vehicle. With a Hire Purchase Agreement you simply pay the agreed amount every month. These can be suited to your individual requirements, which may be particularly useful if your income is variable or seasonal. The monthly payments are based on a fixed interest rate over an agreed term; this can vary between 12 to 60 months. That means there are no surprises – you simply pay the agreed amount every month for the term of the contract and the car is yours.

Benefits to the private customer:

  • Easy monthly payments to match your budget
  • Flexibility to negotiate the initial deposit, term and structures or balloon payments
  • Our competitive interest rates are fixed for the term of the contract

Benefits to the business customer:

  • If the vehicle is fully utilised for business purposes, then tax, GST and interest can be claimed as per current New Zealand Tax Legislation
  • The car is shown as an asset on the balance sheet

A finance lease maximises your ability to drive the new or used car of your choose – ideal for small businesses. You can choose to drive a better vehicle than would be affordable using traditional purchase options. With a Finance Lease the finance charges are calculated on the GST exclusive price of your vehicle and this is reflected in the monthly rentals. After the lease term, typically between 12 and 48 months, the balance of the lease is due as a residual payment (balloon).

At this time, you simply contact us to discuss the options that are available to you.


  • Tax and GST benefits dependent on variables such as lease term
  • Asset goes on your balance sheet
  • More options
  • Fewer obligations


With Operating Lease you pay back a fixed monthly payment for the use of the vehicle. At the end of the contract you simply hand back the vehicle. Lease payments are calculated using the lease term you require (usually 36 months to 45 months), the type of vehicle and your estimated kilometre usage.


  • Budgeting is easy with established monthly payments for lease term
  • Preserves existing lines of credit
  • No residual risk or responsibility for vehicle disposal
  • Maintenance costs can be included in these payments
  • Vehicle does not appear on your balance sheet
  • Lease payments are fully tax deductible (providing the vehicle is used solely for business use)
  • GST can be claimed monthly if GST registered

Fully Maintained Option:

An operating lease full maintenance contract covers the following:

  1. Standard servicing and maintenance
  2. Registration and Warrant of Fitness
  3. Annual Relicensing
  4. Replacement tyres
  5. Battery replacement